KyaTech is a data driven investment company



The Scientific Method - Discipline & Rigour




Systematic Data Driven Decision Making

· Disciplined, scientific, research-based approach

· Based on Empirical Observations

· Data Driven, Statistical, Relationship driven

· Combined use of econometrics and machine learning techniques

· Underpinned by economic arguments and common-sense checks

· Driven to Execute

· Risk Balanced

· Feedback and Evolution

· Scepticism and rigour at all stages of the workflow

· Periodically checking for false or untested assumptions/biases within the process



Throughout the workflow we deploy the Scientific Method

- Specify the problem

- Propose a solution in the form of a defined hypothesis

- Test the hypothesis

- Assess the results based on statistical thresholds

- Draw conclusions based on probabilistic distribution of results

- Develop decision logic and next steps based on conclusions




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